About Us


Here at The Jeweled Lullaby, our mission is to bring you a beautiful selection of fine jewelry options for children and family, an area that is limited in local marketplaces. We do our best to ensure each piece of jewelry we offer is upheld to our quality standards using only fine materials, crafted especially for the child in your life. 



I have always had a passion for jewelry. As a child, I did not own a large selection of jewelry but what I did have were quality pieces. Many years later I still have a few of those pieces in a keepsake box. They are near and dear to my heart. 

So how did our store come to be? Well, I now have a sweet baby girl of my own. Soon after she was born I set out to find her a baby bracelet similar to the one I was gifted as a child and my journey began. When searching for children’s jewelry, I realized there are not many high-quality options to choose from for our little ones. If I was having a hard time finding jewelry for my little girl, there had to be others out there having the same challenge. That is when the inspiration and vision for The Jeweled Lullaby came to life.

We are a family owned business located in the golden state of California and love what we do. We put a lot of thought into choosing what pieces to bring you or creating designs for your little ones from timeless classics to chic and modern. 

We hope whether it is a gift to celebrate a special occasion or “just because” our pieces will become a lasting keepsake and bring a smile to that special someone’s face. 


Thank you for getting to know us! Xo


 Our Girl